Alexis and Ursula (Wellbeing Umbrella)

Together, Alexis Dowd & Ursula Wood are the driving force behind Wellbeing Umbrella! They not only connect health and wellness seekers to a world-full of choice and variety. But through their Wellbeing Umbrella platform, FREE wellness events and collaborative efforts, they also support people-centred folk to work together to help increase awareness of the varied wellbeing treatments and solutions on offer. Plus they raise funds for those less able to access wellness support. Follow us on our social media channels or learn more 'About us' from the icon links below.

How to Bravely Start Collaborating

Okay, you know how and why you need it, but you're still yet to start collaborating. Why is this? Let... Read More...

Knowing Who to Collaborate With – 2 Simple Ways

Knowing who to collaborate with in your wellbeing business isn’t always easy. This can be problematic whether you’re new to... Read More...

Wellbeing Collaboration – What Is It & Why Do It

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Collaborating with Other Wellbeing Businesses: 5 Reasons It’s Good for Business

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How To Grow Your Therapy Practice From Scratch

Starting out in a holistic practice can be a pretty daunting prospect. We’ve been there, panicking at the thought of... Read More...

How To Price Your Products And Services

Do you keep your prices low because you’re scared nobody will pay you if you charge more? Well, stop that... Read More...

How To Get New Clients To Your Therapy Business When You Really Don’t Like Selling

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5 Awesome Ways to Make Sure Your Clients Always Turn Up!

Hmmm, ways to make sure your clients turns up! You don’t need us to tell you attracting and retaining clients... Read More...
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