10 Simple Ideas to Complete Your Christmas Marketing

The Christmas marketing season is drawing swiftly closer. Have you organised yourself yet?

Customers tend to start looking for Christmas gifts well before they make their purchase, at least 2-3 months before. As soon as Bonfire night is out of the way and Black Friday is upon us, the Christmas purchasing season has officially begun. So, beginning your Christmas marketing efforts well before this is naturally key!

Hopefully this realisation will help take away any icky feeling you may have about starting your Christmas marketing efforts early.

We’ve put together 10 simple ideas you can put into your marketing and sales plan to help you.

1. Create A Gift Voucher as Part of Your Christmas Marketing

Not everyone is easy to buy for during the festive season. If not done so already create a gift voucher, for such people. Gift vouchers are especially great for most health and wellness businesses, especially those where booking is required.

If you only have a digital gift voucher, at an additional cost, why not provide a physical representation of the voucher. Or bundle the voucher with a physical gift that you offer enabling the gift recipient to have something to open on the big day. An example could be a box of scented candles accompanying a therapy gift voucher.

2. Join the Small Business Saturday Campaign

If you’ve not heard of it, Small Business Saturday is a grassroots, non-commercial campaign that encourages customers to shop small within their community. Get in touch with your local council or business campaigners to find out what they’re doing in your area to celebrate and how you can take part.

Christmas Marketing idea - Small business saturday

This year’s Small Business Saturday is 3rd December. Don’t worry if your wellbeing business isn’t a bricks and mortar business, the support covers businesses online too! Use their branding and hash tag #SmallBusinessSaturday on the day to bolster your Christmas marketing efforts and encourage customers to support your small business.  

3. Create a Collaborative Gift Bundle

Take a deep breath, we’re not suggesting that you give away your trade secrets here! The idea is to collaborate with another wellbeing business that complements your own to offer a bundle gift. An example could be that a Massage Therapist and a Sound Healer offer a bundle gift deal which offer a massage treatment and a sound healing CD. The great thing is by promoting to each other’s customers, you’re also actively increasing your customer reach.

4. Reach Out to Existing Customers

They love you already, so why not take the opportunity to reach out to customers or followers on social media with a quick Christmas marketing email or a post thanking them for all their support this year, with a promotional offer on your goods or services.

An example could be to spend more than £25 to get 10% off or £5 off a service/product. You could play with this idea lots – give a free gift voucher to every customer or client that buys one of your packages, subscriptions or buys a certain number of products! 

5. Get Festive Out There

Make sure you go the full hog with your Christmas marketing. Update your social media covers, profiles, and publish Christmas related content to help get people into the festive mood, engage with you, and ultimately buy from you! Festive content, for example could include tips on how to keep fit, healthy, stress free etc., over the festive period.

Just keep in mind the 80% add value content and 20% sales rule can be stretched over the festive period. Customers expect to see more sales posts and are more tolerant of it over the festive period!

6. Sell A Subscription as A Gift

Sometimes the most obvious Christmas marketing promotion can be under our very nose! Think a 6-month magazine subscriptions or annual National Trust Membership subscription as a gift. Now apply it to the wellness sector! Do you run any weekly or monthly gift boxes, clubs, events, or classes?

If so, why not offer them as a gift idea this year! Who wouldn’t want 6 months subscription to Yoga classes or a dairy free chocolate subscription box every month for a year

7. Be A Last-Minute Gift Solution in Your Christmas Marketing

Not everyone is organised, so why not be their last-minute e-gift print solution! Such as a pamper day, retreat, stocking filler, vision board course, get fit program etc! It will make sense to ramp up your Christmas marketing efforts on this as a gift idea, nearer to the big day and when final posting dates have passed.

8. Don’t Forget Last Post & Opening Hours

Remind everyone of your opening hours & last postal dates on your social media, website, email, and messenger bots! People may like what you offer but have not got around to buying yet – give them a reminder!

Christmas marketing idea - share final postal dates

9. Send a Christmas Card

This kind of sits with Christmas marketing idea number 4 – Reaching Out To Existing Customers, although the effort is greater! Why not send a physical Christmas card to your top customers or clients. It’s a great Christmas marketing tool! As it is a friendly and kind way of reminding customers about you and your business.

It helps you to show your customers that you care and puts you top of their mind. Plus, if you’re savvy, you’ll take the opportunity to share a discount or gift offer within the card to prompt them to continue with their ongoing loyalty.

10. Go the Extra Mile with Your Christmas Marketing Ideas

Christmas is a busy season. Buying a present is just one part of what can be perceived as a lengthy process for some. There’s still the wrapping and delivery of the gift to the recipient to be done before the 25th of December.

If you offer a physical product. Why not go the extra mile and save your customers time and effort by offering the service of beautifully gift boxing or wrapping purchases for an extra charge! Plus, posting to the gift recipient if needed! This can be particularly a great Christmas marketing idea for those who are time poor or don’t care for wrapping.

Christmas Marketing Take Home Message

Hopefully you found our ten simple festive ideas helpful and easy to include into your festive marketing plan this year. The great thing is our ideas are pretty adaptable and can be utilised in most types of wellbeing businesses.

Whatever you’re planning to do this year for your marketing we hope you reach as many people who can benefit from your wellness products and services as you can.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice on which you should rely.  Professional or specialist advice should always be sought before taking any action relating to your business. Read full website terms of use.

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