10 Mistakes Wellness Professionals Make at an Online Event

In today’s digital era, screens have become our new stages and an online event is the norm.

For wellness professionals, this shift has opened up exciting opportunities to connect with a global audience. Enabling them to share their expertise and inspire positive change from the comfort of their own spaces.

However, from our own experience of running online events – mastering this virtual stage requires a unique set of skills and strategies. And we’ve sadly seen our fair share of unwanted and unnecessary mistakes from wellness speakers during our time.

That doesn’t need to be you though. And we’re more than happy to uncover the missteps we’ve witnessed that can hinder your online impact. Along with insights into how to avoid them!

So, let’s dive in and discover how to transform these mistakes into opportunities, so you can be a lasting influence on those who need you.

1. Neglecting Image and Speaker Bio

  • Mistake: Not using a professional and inviting image or creating a compelling speaker bio (or not including it at all) for your online profile or online event promotion. It may seem obvious, but we see this happen a lot!
  • Solution: Use a high-quality image and a concise, compelling speaker bio that establishes your personality, credibility and trust. And don’t forget to end it with a CTA to connect with you such, as social media, website or current free offering. If you need some help crafting a speaker bio here’s our blog: Mastering the Art of Crafting Your Speaker Bio [with Examples].

2. Poor Online Event Description

  • Mistake: Providing vague or unclear event descriptions that does not convey the value or purpose of your event talk. This is another biggy that we see happen at online events, so much so we have to ask for more information!
  • Solution: Craft a detailed event description that clearly outlines what attendees can expect to learn or gain from the event. Think where the event attendee starts and where you want them to be at the end of your online talk! Need pointing in the right direction? – check out our helpful post with tips: 7 Definite No-No’s When Crafting an Engaging Event Description.

3. Inadequate Event Title for an Online Event

  • Mistake: Choosing a generic or uninteresting event title that doesn’t capture your audience’s attention. Let’s be honest, if you’ve lost them at the title they aren’t going to read on to your description!
  • Solution: Create a catchy and informative event title that arouses curiosity and interest. Need help with that? – read our Creating the Perfect Talk Title.

4. Lack of CTA or Lead Magnet During Your Talk

  • Mistake: Failing to include a call to action (CTA) or offer a lead magnet at the end of your presentation. Now this is a common oversight, a speaker delivers an impactful presentation, but sadly misses out on post-event interaction by forgetting to provide clear guidance. Our hearts sink when this happens, it’s as if they don’t understand why a lead magnet as a wellness speaker is essential!
  • Solution: Provide a clear CTA that encourages attendees to take action, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free resource or booking a consultation. If you need help with this, we’ve got 35 Examples of Wellness Lead Magnets to Inspire You.

5. Background Distractions During an Online Event

  • Mistake: Having a cluttered or distracting background during your online presentation. Again, it might be an obvious one, but we’ve seen it happen! Sometimes speakers can be so focused on their delivery they overlook this vital part!
  • Solution: Choose a clean and uncluttered background to maintain a professional appearance. Virtual backgrounds or dedicated home office spaces can help. Here’s a helpful blog on How to Brand Yourself at a Wellness Event.

6. Lack of Audience Interaction

  • Mistake: Speaking at the audience rather than engaging with them. Not addressing questions or comments. We’ve seen this occur both at our live and pre-recorded events and can result in attendees losing attention.
  • Solution: Encourage audience participation through polls, surveys or interactive quizzes within live or pre-recorded content. Ask viewers to participate and share their results or thoughts in the comments. You can even send out email reminders to your audience before the event and encourage them to submit questions or comments in advance. Then address these during or after the online event.

7. Overloading Content Within an Online Event

  • Mistake: Trying to cover too much content in a short time, overwhelming your audience. Take our word for it, it’s draining and disengaging to watch when 2 hours of content is crammed into a mere 30 minutes!

8.  Ignoring Technical Preparation

  • Mistake: Not testing your equipment, internet connection and software in advance.
  • Solution: Ensure that all technical aspects, including microphone, camera and screen sharing, are working smoothly before the event. If you’re using Zoom – here’s a link that allows you to test sound and visual before going live – Zoom test meeting.

9.  Lack of Rehearsal for Online Event

woman at computer practising for her online event
  • Mistake: Not rehearsing your presentation, leading to stumbles, pauses or disorganisation. We bobbed this one in as again we’ve seen it happen and we’re assuming it’s down to not practising!
  • Solution: Practice the presentation multiple times to become comfortable with the material and the flow.

10.  Neglecting Post-Event Follow-Up

  • Mistake: Not following up with attendees after your event to maintain engagement.
  • Solution: Send a thank-you email, share event materials or recordings and continue to provide value to your audience through post-event communication. Don’t forget the ones that signed up to your offer via the online event.

In the realm of online events, wellness professionals now have the tools to shine brightly. We’ve happily shared ten common mistakes we’ve been witness to and their solutions. Use our knowledge to foster connections and inspire growth in your audience.

As you master the virtual stage, remember that your message is vital and your impact is significant. Keep uplifting and empowering those who seek your guidance and support. Here’s to your continued success in the digital world!

Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice on which you should rely.  Professional or specialist advice should always be sought before taking any action relating to your business. Read full website terms of use.

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