How To Brand Yourself at a Wellness Event

Congratulations, you’ve agreed to attend a wellness event to promote your lovely wellness business.

It’s a great way to promote your expertise and reach so many new potential customers.

You might be more concerned about what you’re going to be talking about if you’ve signed up for an online talk session or logistics if you’re attending a physical event but spare a thought as to how you’ll promote and brand yourself.

How you and your wellness business look to other people is crucially important in building your brand. People are making assumptions the second they see a picture of you or read about you.

So, before we even start on the event itself, let’s look at the information you might be asked to supply for promotional purposes to promote the wellness event either on social media or an event booklet.


You might be asked to supply an image, or a head shot. Ensure that any images, especially head shots, are good quality and up to date. Blurred, pixelated, or cropped from a family photo does not give the correct professional image you are trying to portray.

Ideally use a head shot you currently already use on your website or social media. Having that consistency helps potential customers to recognise you more easily.

Wellness Event Talk Session or Exhibit Description

You might be asked to write briefly about what you will be sharing in your talk session or a description of what your business is all about for an event booklet.

Don’t rush this section or even worse, miss it out altogether. This is almost like handing potential customers a blank business card!

Promoters will most likely use both your head shots and description to promote their wellness event and your business on social media. Sending in good pictures and a good description will get your attendance there off to a good start.

Use the same head shot and description on your own social media and newsletter to promote the event and encourage your own followers to sign up or visit you on your stand. Create some excitement and a buzz around what you’re doing.


Brand your background at the wellness event

When running your online session your viewers will not just be sat looking solely at you. They will be looking around you, at your house, at the background behind you.

What does it look like?

More importantly, what feeling are you trying to achieve in front of your potential customers?

Try to stage a small area behind you. It doesn’t have to be a blank wall – a picture, a bookcase, some shelving with candles or ornaments.

If you have a roller banner, this is useful to stand to the side of you especially if you can see your logo on it.

Brand your clothes

To create a calming cohesive look, try wearing colours in your logo.

If this doesn’t work, try colours that balance with them. If you have a calm, pastel logo, don’t wear brights. And vice versa, if your logo is bright and vibrant, don’t wear pale pastel colours.

When your viewers are looking at you, do you balance and fit in your surroundings? Does it feel like the image you’re trying to portray? Does it feel like your wellness brand?

Don’t forget your Call to Action

So, you’ve done your talk at the wellness event, people have listened, hopefully they’ve taken some information in. But people do have short attention spans, they may have drifted, and their minds may have wandered.

Now is the important bit.

‘Thanks for watching’ and ‘hope you enjoyed’ is all well and good to finish with.

But what do you want your viewers to do next? What was the point of your session? What is your actual message?

Don’t sign off without giving people a Call to Action.

Explain to your attendees how they can connect with you if they want to know more. Signpost them to your social media, your newsletter, your blogs, your website, your whatever you want them to do.


So now, you’ve created some excitement on your social media about attending a wellness event and hopefully some of your followers will visit you on your stand. You will also be meeting and chatting to many more new potential customers.

How do you and your business look your best?

Dress your best

We’ve touched on this above in the online section but it’s even more important to look your best in person.

I’m not suggesting you need to get dressed up in all your finery, you’ll be on your feet much of the day so you need to feel comfortable. Try to dress in your brand colours or complementary colours to look comfortable in your space. Wear what you feel comfortable and confident in.

What sort of feeling are you trying to get across to your potential customers?

Dress your space

You’ve made sure you look good, now you need to make your exhibit space look inviting.

Invest in promotional material so you have something to hand out. Even if people stop and chat with you, how will they remember you after a whole day of wandering round and visiting exhibit stands?

Your business card is a must so make sure it’s up to date and it’s promoting you properly. A leaflet is handy, a good place to show your customers your business history and your products or services.

If you have a roller banner, you can use this to attract attention on your stand as it can be seen from a distance.

Think about what you want from the wellness event? Do you want to build your social media, build your newsletter list, promote products? What message do you want to give your stand visitors? Always remember your Call To Action.

A handy tip I’ve found at events is to offer your marketing and promotional goodies in a branded bag. People collect so many bits and pieces and struggle to carry them. Offer them a branded bag and they’ll do some extra promoting for you as they carry it around the wellness event.

Stay attentive at the wellness event

There is nothing more off putting than a bored looking exhibitor. Or even worse, a bored exhibitor sat scrolling on their phone rather than engaging with passing public.

It might help to run a competition or have a giveaway or have an intriguing question to start the conversation flowing. If nothing else, a bowl of sweets or treats is always a good way to tempt people over to your stand.

Smile, smile and smile.

Wellness Event Take Home Message

In business image is everything. It’s your brand, it’s what people are thinking and feeling about you. And you’re in charge of that.

If your personal image and business image aren’t well thought through, people will gloss over you and find someone who does feel professional and inspire confidence in what they are selling.

So, get the most of your wellness event and make sure you and your business look your best!

Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice on which you should rely.  Professional or specialist advice should always be sought before taking any action relating to your business. Read full website terms of use.

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