Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas to Attract Wellbeing Customers

Does your wellbeing business celebrate Valentine’s Day?

The month of LOVE will soon be upon us. Whether your business is prepared for it or not, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

In 2021, just over three quarters of British folk celebrated valentine’s day. 25% of those celebrating, treated themselves to a gift ( With all these vast numbers celebrating, we guess you’ll want your business to be part of the celebrations. 

You may also be interested to learn that average valentine’s gift spend in the same year was £23 per person. Bear in mind the average spend may fall this year with the current economic climate.

Interestingly, stat’s show that more men purchase for valentines than women. And purchases made aren’t just for the other half on Valentine’s Day. They can be for friends, children, and other family members too.

These statistics give you a helpful idea for your valentine’s day marketing efforts and promotions. Especially if your products and services can benefit people wishing to purchase for themselves and not just their beloved! Makes you think, doesn’t it?

If you can see the benefit of your business taking part in celebrating valentine’s day, but not sure what you can do within your small wellbeing business. Read on for marketing ideas.

Publicise That You’re Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Much like when it’s Christmas, let people know that your business is celebrating Valentine’s Day through your branding. With V-Day taking place a fast 6 weeks after the New Year. It will be helpful to begin planning and publicising as soon as.

Visual cues of valentine’s day on your website, social media headers and even email footers are helpful. They remind customers to organise and purchase from you for the big day.

Consider a Valentine’s Gift Guide

Gift guides are a fabulous way to help save folk time. Rather than falling into the black hole of google or social media trying to find the perfect valentine’s day gift! They’re not only loved by customers for making life easier. But also, a helpful tool to drive more traffic to your website too. If you use them for all different festivities such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc, that’s all-year-round traffic.

A gift guide is a helpful visual tool to showcase your products, services and offers with. Showcase it as either a downloadable or a blog. You can promote it via social media and to your email audience. You can divide the guide up to offer gifts for anyone people love; His, Her, Friends, Self, Kids & Pets! Make sure links are used within the guide to help shoppers head straight over to purchase a gift.

Gift guides also offer you the perfect opportunity to collaborate with others on too. Offer gift ad space to other businesses (that naturally complement your own business) either for a charge or with the agreement they’ll share with their own audiences. When you collaborate with others it tends to be a given that you’ll be exposed to a wider audience!

Use Valentine’s Day Themed Posts and Promotions

Valentine’s Day themed social media posts

Share the love of valentine’s day on social media with your followers. Update your social media covers, profiles, and publish valentine’s theme related posts and promotions to help get people in the mood for the day of love, engage with you, and ultimately purchase from you!

Remember valentine’s day is not just for loved up folk, it’s for singleton’s, friends and the kiddywinks too. So, don’t forget them in your posts and promotion if you have products and services that can benefit them too!

Valentine’s Day promotions help improve your customer’s desire to purchase from you. You don’t have to go over the top with discount, there are lots of creative promotional ideas you could use. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Free delivery
  • Free gift valentines themed wrapping
  • 20-30% discount on orders over a particular amount
  • Special price for gift certificates
  • Buy one for someone else, get yours half price
  • Special discount for couples’ appointments e.g., Massage, Reiki, or Reflexology
  • Gift every customer with a free gift e.g., flowers or chocolates
  • Every customer is entered into a free valentine’s day prize draw to win one of your products/services
  • Promote a valentine’s-based product or service through a competition e.g., tag a significant other who deserves to win, comment on your favourite couple to win etc

Show Your Customers Some Love

Valentine’s Day gift voucher

If you have customers or an email audience, be sure to reach out to them at this time of year. A great way to do this is to send a Valentine’s Day card either via post or email.  

Rather than promoting valentine’s gifts and products to be bought for others, the card provides the opportunity to thank them for their loyalty. It is also a friendly and kind way to remind customers and audiences about you and your lovely business.

Why not also use the occasion, to gift them with an exclusive discount or gift offer for themselves within the card. They’ll feel oh so special and it’s a great way to encourage them to continue their loyalty with you.

Share the Love Among Business

Valentine’s Day gift bag, candle and wrapped sweets

For those who know us well, you’ll be aware how much we love collaboration at Wellbeing Umbrella. So much so, that we couldn’t let Valentine’s Day marketing ideas pass us by without the mention of working with other businesses. Not only does it help increase your visibility, but it also aids you to support more people with their wellbeing.

You can coordinate your marketing efforts with other businesses for V-Day by looking at how you can offer customers more value or experience. The benefit for you can be that you save yourself, time, money and increase your audience reach and sales. A win-win we hear you say.

Here’s some examples to help get the collaboration cogs going.

  • Why not offer your customers a valentine’s themed gift bag, full of samples and introductory discounts from local wellbeing businesses. You could ask other businesses to do similar – not only will you offer customer’s more value by doing this, but you increase your exposure too.

  • Could you run an event together? What about putting on a valentine’s day retreat with other wellness practitioners and share the cost of the venue and marketing between yourselves.
  • If you’re a therapist what about partnering up with a local café or shop and offer a creative combination of for instance couples massage and lunch, or couples’ yoga, followed by chocolates or flowers. Again, more exposure and a richer valentine’s day experience.
  • Could you write a valentine’s guest blog for another brand relevant to your expertise or product? It will help your business get more exposure, plus great for your own sites SEO (be sure to direct people back to your site in your author bio)
  • What about a collaborative promotional newsletter – everyone involved in the collaboration promotes their own and other businesses products and services (a bit like a gift guide). Increased exposure to a new audience!
  • Coming together to create a joint advert for social media, newspaper or local magazine is another idea.

Be creative when collaborating and working with other businesses – and don’t forget valentines isn’t just for the couples!

Think Outside the Love Box

candle making for Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day people like to purchase things that allow themselves or their VIP to feel extra special or have a new experience. Especially the type that encourage them to re-connect or bond further.

To help with their requirements, why not see where in your own business you can help provide this. Look at what current service or product can be spruced up and geared towards valentines. Here’s some examples to help with ideas.

  • If you offer a vision board class, Yoga class or mindfulness class – why not gear it towards valentines or run it especially for couples on Valentine’s Day

  • Can you create a class or kit with your product or service? If you offer products such as candles – why not offer a candle making class or create a Valentine’s Day kit for couples to enjoy at home, with an accompanying helpful tutorial

  • If you’re a therapy business, why not change your therapy bed colour theme to one that is more associated with Valentine’s Day and gift every client with a chocolate, or flower

  • Sell therapy-based products? How about creating a Valentine’s Day Home Spa – create a guide and direct people to your products so they can recreate the idea perfectly at home

  • Run a fitness class? What about creating a Valentine’s Day themed class, playlist appropriate, couples only or a workout for singletons to show some love.

Don’t Forget Valentine’s Day Last Post & Opening Hours

notice of last delivery day for Valentine’s Day

After Christmas, Valentine’s comes around super-fast. So much so that most people aren’t ready for it. Help to remind everyone by publishing your opening hours and last postal dates or booking dates (where relevant) on your website, social media pages, and via email!

Customer’s may have spotted something they wish to purchase from you based on a previous post or email, but not had time buy it yet. Remind them that time is running out!

Accommodate The Last-Minute Peeps

Valentine’s Day Voucher hanging on a piece of string

With men stereotypically being well known for being last minute purchasers. Plus, the ones who spend more at valentine’s than women. It makes sense to ensure your business has them and other time poor type of folk covered.

Some ways to achieve this is by offering fast delivery. It’s easy enough to arrange these days and even better if it’s incorporated into the price. Or you offer it for free when they spend over a specific amount.

Electronic gifts and e-gift certificates are another fabulous last minute valentine’s gift to offer customers. Just be sure to integrate this into your valentine’s promotion, so that last minute shoppers know you’re targeting them. And their beloved isn’t going to be left high and dry!

Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas Recap

Our favourite marketing idea for the upcoming festivity will always be collaboration. However, no matter what wellbeing service or product you’re selling, we’re sure you’ll have gained some inspiration for your marketing efforts this valentine’s day. Here’s a recap to sum everything up.

  1. Publicise that you’re celebrating valentine’s day
  2. Consider a valentine’s gift guide
  3. Use valentine’s day themed posts and promotions
  4. Show your customers some love
  5. Share the love among business
  6. Think outside the love box
  7. Don’t forget valentine’s day last post & opening hours
  8. Accommodate the last-minute peeps

Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice on which you should rely.  Professional or specialist advice should always be sought before taking any action relating to your business. Read full website terms of use.

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