How to Bravely Start Collaborating

Okay, you know how and why you need it, but you’re still yet to start collaborating. Why is this?

Let us hazard a guess. There’s too much going on in the old thoughts department. So much so, you’ve scared yourself into a corner and dare not act.

Have your thoughts of reaching out to new wellbeing business peeps become a tad overwhelming? Are insecurities of not being good enough poking their head above the parapet? Don’t worry we’ve been there too. And surprisingly find ourselves right back there again on occasions.

You might find that surprising for two wellbeing devotees who love all things collaborative. And who enthusiastically work to bring wellbeing business folk together to collaborate. But it’s true. Many a times Alexis and I have had to take a deep breath, ‘put ourselves’ out there and bravely start collaborating before we were ready.

Anything related to video, especially live, is likely to result in either one of us breaking into a hot sweat. Despite this being a challenge and taking a certain amount of bravery on our part, we somehow make it work.

“How?” – You may wonder!

Let’s explain.

Being Of Service

Despite it feeling difficult to sidestep the fear of being seen, we recognised we were doing a disservice to others. Both to the small wellbeing business community with their variety of wellness support, and the public in need of it.

Hiding our light under a bushel is not going to help anyone in desperate need of what you or other wellbeing professionals offer. And this is what helps us to forgive ourselves and start collaborating each time we have a wobble.

Is it the same for you – are you hiding yourself from the world?

If so, go easy on yourself. Be gentle. Beating yourself up for it isn’t going to help. Neither is ripping off the band aid and trying to convince yourself to fake it until you make it. Your subconsciousness will hear your inner fib loud and clear. Just imagine the time and energy required, to keep up that denial.

Instead, do some of the following.

Do It for Your Customers To-Be!

Remind yourself that you are unique and that you have unique customers out there waiting for your unique support. The type of support that even a similar business to your own couldn’t offer the way you do. Take for instance a therapy or a course you provide. It may go by the same name as another business, but they can’t deliver it the same way you do, you’re exclusive. So, if you can’t start collaborating for yourself, there’s plenty of would-be-customers out there who need your uniqueness and will appreciate you doing it for them!

Recognise Your Worth Before You Start Collaborating

Not being aware of what we or our business has to offer sometimes prevents us from collaborating with others. We often though are quick to see how others can contribute. We feel uncomfortable reaching out, putting ourselves forward because we don’t recognise our own collaborative assets.

Having a list of your collaborative benefits will help you quickly recognise where you can be of great value to other wellbeing businesses.

Examples may include –

  • Expertise on wellness topics such as sleep, stress, menopause or a therapy
  • A newsletter – to share other people’s blogs, resources etc from
  • Free resources – to share with other people’s audiences
  • Your own blog – to have guest contributors
  • Your own social media pages – to share people’s posts from
  • Business self-awareness on how your e.g., therapy can help another business improve client outcomes. An example might be how a Physio’s services can aid a Personal Trainer’s clients to remain injury free and achieve top performance.

What are your collaborative benefits?

Ease Yourself in Gently

When we say collaboration, it can feel bigger than what it really is. Admittedly, you can jump in with both feet and collaborate on a wellness summit, challenge, run a retreat or co-write a book together. However, you can also ease yourself in gradually through small collaborations such as supporting each other’s social media pages, guest blogging, or providing helpful information via another businesses Facebook group live. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know other businesses and build rapport before moving onto the big stuff with them. It doesn’t seem so scary that way, does it?

Start Collaborating by Taking the Lead

In a bid to put the noise inside your head aside. Why not create your own collaborative openings instead? That way you are in control, you can work with who you please and the collaborative activity is on your terms. Rather than overwhelming yourself by putting yourself forward for someone else’s collaborative opportunity.

A Guest blog or podcast are an easy and safe way to start collaborating with others. You can easily pop a post in a Facebook group like ours Wellbeing Business Network that houses like-minded peeps you’d like to collaborate with and ask them to contribute.


We hope our own experience and suggestions help you to get started. It doesn’t matter how you start collaborating as long as you do, even if it’s on a small scale you’re still making an impact. The more you and other wellbeing businesses come together, the greater your voice and reach is towards the people who need you.

If you’re interested in our collaborative mission and you’d like easing in gently, we’d love to help where we can. We often have collaborative activities  including speaking and guest blog opportunities you can take part in. If you would like to be kept up to date about them, feel free to subscribe to our wellbeing business email list HERE.

About Alexis and Ursula (Wellbeing Umbrella)

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After a shared mutual frustration with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ health and wellness approach. Alexis and Ursula make up the motivated force behind Wellbeing Umbrella. A wellness movement that brings likeminded wellbeing business folk together to increase the awareness and accessibility of the varied wellbeing treatments and solutions on offer to people within the U.K.

They actively do this through providing free no one-size-fits-all wellness events, collaborations and an online wellbeing platform that makes searching for wellness support easier. Plus, raise funds for those less able to access wellness support.

Follow them on our social media channels or learn more about how to collaborate with them and others from the icon links below.

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Hello Wellbeing Business Owner - Fancy Collaborating With Us?

Register you interest to take part in collaborate initiatives such as our Pay-It-Forward wellness events, gift guides, guest blogger, guest speaker, guest podcaster, plus more and we'll keep you up-to-date on upcoming opportunities.

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