Collaborating with Other Wellbeing Businesses: 5 Reasons It’s Good for Business

Collaborating with other Wellbeing Businesses is something we’ve banged on about the value of for some time now. The impact on those gaining much needed wellness support, plus its benefits for you can be jaw dropping.

It’s all down to the fact that collaboration is all about working collectively towards a common purpose.

Whether you consider yourself a Therapist, Practitioner, Solo Wellness Professional or just a plain old small wellbeing business, you all tend to have the same goal. It’s the ‘thing’ that beautifully links you all together. Making you feel warm and fuzzy inside each time you achieve it. 

You’ve guessed it, being of service and making a difference in the lives of as many people as you can. The more you join forces and come together, the more people you can all help!

That wonderful mutual aim alone is a perfect reason to spur you on to unite and collaborate with other wellbeing businesses.

Need some further persuasion?

Here’s 5 great reasons why collaborating with other wellbeing businesses is a must for you.

1. Collaborating with Other Wellbeing Businesses Can Assist You to Help More People

Reaching more people who need you is the reason you came into the wellness field, right? Well, it’s the same for other wellbeing businesses too! And guess what? You all have your own wellness audiences and customers that you can easily share with each other through collaboration.

Here’s some examples

  • A wellness event sees different types of therapists come together to share the benefits of treatments that help with pain relief. Each Massage Therapist advertises the upcoming event to their own audiences, increasing event awareness and their individual businesses and support.

  • A Physiotherapist and Fitness Instructor collaborate with each other. Each agree to regularly signpost to each other’s business and support via social media, blogs and introductory referral offers. With little effort each business increases their audience reach, message and value.

2. Working in Collaboration Can Help Save You Money

Saving money through collaboration with others is a Biggy. It helps keep your costs down, meaning more money in your pocket to keep your business going, yet less pay out for your customers! It’s a win-win!

Much like roommates sharing a house together. Collaboration that involves sharing costs can enable you to naturally minimise each other’s marketing expenses, whilst doubling your budget too.  

Here’s some examples

  • Two complementing wellbeing businesses share an event stall with each other and share the cost of a booth/table between them.

  • A Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Stress Coach put on a day retreat together and share the cost of the venue and marketing between them.

3. Increase Your Opportunities by Collaborating with Other Wellbeing Businesses

Each time you collaborate with new wellbeing businesses you get the opportunity to expand your network further.  Having a family of other wellbeing businesses, working towards not just the betterment of their own business, but yours too and vice versa, is a must!

You can’t be everywhere or see every opportunity on offer. But if you’ve built a good rapport with others in the wellness field, you won’t need to. They’ll happily tag, or sign post you to relevant media, speaker, or blog opportunities, as they spot them. Plus, if they’re looking to collaborate with a business like what yours offers – who do you think is going to be first on their list?

4. Collaborating with Other Wellbeing Businesses Can Help Save You Time

When you run a small wellbeing business it tends to be you or a small team if you’re lucky! You don’t have all the time in the world to spend on a marketing or new business ideas, despite how fabulous they appear. Yet, joining forces with even one other business owner shares the workload between you, whilst yielding twice the rewards!

Collaborating with other wellbeing businesses can mean access to extra ideas, knowledge, hours, and resources. Who doesn’t want things done in less time when you’re a small business? We’re happy to move away from working more hours and spend more time chilling.

5. Collaborating with Others Offers Business Insights

When you run a small wellbeing business you must be prepared to be jack of all trades. Yet just because you need to be, doesn’t mean you are any good at it. Through collaboration you get insights into how other people run their wellbeing business. Plus, you get the opportunity to share good practice, resources, ideas, successes, and failures (we all need to be reminded we’re not alone, right?!). Learning how to run your business effectively, while making a new business friend or trusted advisor in the process seems like a win-win to us.

There’s something wonderful about coming together and sharing different ways of working that inspires us to think outside the box and be more creative in our business.

Here’s some examples

  • A wellness centre gets an idea from a business friend to place wellbeing art in its main hall, giving promotion to a local wellbeing artist while enhancing the atmosphere of their venue at no cost.
  • A wellbeing business running retreats and local events was given the idea by a business friend to offer event themed gift bags to all attendees full of samples and introductory discounts from local wellbeing businesses.


Over to you now, have we convinced you that collaborating with other wellbeing businesses is a must?

We do hope so! There are so many benefits to collaborating with other wellbeing business folk, the main one being you can take pride in the fact that you’re reaching and helping more people who need what you offer!

On that note, if you’re interested in our collaborative mission and would like to be kept up to date about collaborative opportunities including speaking and guest blog opportunities, you can subscribe to our wellbeing business email list HERE.

About Alexis and Ursula (Wellbeing Umbrella)

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After a shared mutual frustration with the ‘one-size-fits-all’ health and wellness approach. Alexis and Ursula make up the motivated force behind Wellbeing Umbrella. A wellness movement that brings likeminded wellbeing business folk together to increase the awareness and accessibility of the varied wellbeing treatments and solutions on offer to people within the U.K.

They actively do this through providing free no one-size-fits-all wellness events, collaborations and an online wellbeing platform that makes searching for wellness support easier. Plus, raise funds for those less able to access wellness support.

Follow them on our social media channels or learn more about how to collaborate with them and others from the icon links below.

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Successfully Use Collaboration In Your Wellbeing Business GuideDownload your FREE PDF Guide & Templates Today

Step-by-step collaborative guidance, plus printable tools to help you reach more people, plus save time and money!

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