5 Creative Lead Magnet Ideas To Grow Your Email List – For Wellbeing, Holistic and Spiritual Businesses

If you’re reading this blog, I’m going to make the assumption that you’ve heard of a ‘Lead Magnet’. For those that haven’t, that’s okay, I’ll briefly explain what one is before we dive into some lead magnet ideas. The overall aim is to help you grow your email list within your Wellbeing, Holistic or Spiritual Business.

To put it simply, a lead magnet is a free exchange for the valuable information you offer. This could look like a; digital book (otherwise known as an eBook), a video, a check-list, masterclass etc… By giving access to your lead magnet your ideal client will need to consent to providing their email address. This is typically collected via an opt-in page, also known as a landing page.

Lead magnet benefits:

Offering a lead magnet serves many purposes, let’s explore a few benefits here:

  • It helps you to grow your email list

  • It’s a wonderful way to get your offerings, services or products out there to your ideal client

  • It makes a great tool to upsell a paid offering

  • A lead magnet also helps you to build rapport with your ideal client,

  • And finally it brings more awareness to you and your business.

What can I offer my audience as a lead magnet?

The first thing I would always advise is to survey your audience. As the very first step, simply ask them what information / support they need the most. Having this information gives us something to then respond to. You don’t need to overcomplicate it. Simply pose the question on a discovery call, a simple Facebook or Instagram post or a survey. Survey Monkey or Google Forms offer free surveys to help with this.

Ok, so now let’s get into the good stuff!

Here are 5 ideas to ponder on to help you kickstart the creative process:

1. A simple, and easy-to-follow quiz

What: Create a simple quiz that will give your ideal client the answer to their problem. Or at least help them to start thinking about it. For example, let’s say that you’re a Nutritionist. In this case you could offer a ‘test your nutrition and digestion’ type quiz. This invites your ideal client to get curious about their health and to establish the facts. Plus, it’s also a great opportunity to upsell a 1:1 offering on the back of the quiz results.

For Crystal type businesses; you could populate a quiz that helps your potential customer to discover what crystal they’re most drawn to. Either that, or ‘what the crystal says about your personality’ type thing.

Whatever you decide to create, be sure to create an opt-in. An opt-in ensures the user enters their email details at the end of completing the quiz. As soon as they do, they receive their results by email.

How: There’s lots of different tools out there that allow you to create a quiz. One that I know of that offers a free pricing tier is Slido. Including the link HERE for you to look through. Other quiz maker apps can be found HERE if you’re looking to do a comparison.

2. A LIVE or email challenge

What: You may have already heard, seen or even participated in an online challenge. These serve as a really great marketing practice to not only get more direct exposure to YOU, but to also build trust and likeability with those joining your challenge. The beauty of a challenge is that you already have your potential clients in front of you, well, virtually, if you’re doing it online.

A challenge doesn’t need to be LIVE, it can simply be a daily email for a specific time period that offers a pre-recorded video and instructions for each day throughout the challenge. Other formats could be a boot camp type webinar, or a 3-day LIVE challenge via Facebook. Each are equally as effective. Last year I ran a challenge via Facebook and pre-recorded all of my videos and organised the pre-work and assignments ahead of time. This allowed me to be more present during the challenge to answer questions, and avoid getting bogged down with any tech complications or overwhelm from the sheer amount of comments.

Some challenge examples could be:

  • 5-day Movement and Mindset Challenge
  • Sugar Fix Challenge
  • Money Mindset Reboot
  • How to start a Mindfulness Practice

How: Setting up a challenge doesn’t have to be difficult. It just depends on a few different factors such as; how tech savvy you are (and if you’re not, there’s no issue, you can run a challenge manually with minimal tech), how much time you have, what format you decide to run your challenge in, and if you want to create an evergreen process so everything runs in the background for you.

If you’re doing it manually and don’t want the fuss, you can simply create a Facebook group and set up entry questions to collect the participant’s email address – this part is key as it will help you to build your ‘warm’ email list ready to sell your offer at the end of the challenge.

3. Free Facebook Group

What: Having a Facebook Group works really well in terms of getting in front of your ideal client, whilst building your email list with zero hassle. Having a group also gives you an opportunity to survey people and to understand what they’re responding to the most. Q&A’s and engagement questions work well for this.

How: This one is really as simple as creating a Facebook group based around your ideal client, and what you’re willing to offer through free content i.e., daily posts, lives, Facebook guides etc…. The key is to have Facebook group entry questions that gives your ideal client the option to sign-up to your mailing list. But here’s the thing – you want to make this part as enticing as possible i.e. “If you’d like to receive a free gratitude meditation, pop your email address below and we’ll ensure we email it over” – or something like that, but hopefully you catch the essence.

Bonus Tip: Save and download any Facebook lives for content repurposing to places such as YouTube or even a free or paid course for the future 🙂

4. Audio and Video Content

What: If you’re a business that provides meditations or learnings in an audio format, why not consider offering this as a simple lead magnet? It doesn’t need to be complicated, it could simply be a 10 minute audio or meditation via soundcloud. You could then deliver it via an automated email via your email provider by providing the private audio link. The same theory for video content.

Some examples could be:

  • A guided meditation
  • A cooking recipe via audio or video
  • A ‘how-to video tutorial
  • A work-out or a pre-recorded yoga class
  • Masterclass or a specific teaching delivered in an audio format

How: Perhaps you’re someone that already has a tonne of audios or meditations already? Fab! I’d recommend starting there.

You can suggest providing your lead magnet through a Facebook entry question. Try asking if your audience would like to be added to your mailing to receive the freebie (refer to lead magnet idea 3 for more information) or have them sign-up via a simple landing page. The choice is yours 🙂

5. Evergreen webinar

What: Running an evergreen webinar is a fantastic way to run your masterclass beyond the initial go-live date. It is also a great way to upsell your offering without you having to be there! Yup, how cool is that?! The beauty of an evergreen webinar is that it allows time scheduling flexibility to accommodate global time zones, by offering multiple joining dates. It also enables you to run the webinar as many times as you wish using the exact same content and presentation over and over again – without you having to be there. Check-out Amy Potterfield’s webinars as an example 🙂

How: All it requires is for you to either run a LIVE recorded masterclass and download the recording and slides after the event. Or create a pre-recorded masterclass video and screenshare the slides, and then simply upload it to an evergreen platform for repurposing.

The format is pretty much the same as if the event is LIVE, so just try to be mindful of that when addressing the audience.

Remember to add any upsell information, and to connect your email provider to the evergreen so you can collect emails upon each sign-up.

How to get started? I’ve been doing some research to find the cheapest system for us small businesses. So far, I’ve found a few different evergreen platforms with costs as little as $39 per month. Here’s the link to check them out: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/evergreen-webinar

Don’t know where to start with your lead magnet?

I get it! It can feel overwhelming. What I’d recommend that you do as your starting point, is to look at all your existing content to see what you already have available.

For example, if you decide to create a workbook as a lead magnet, then perhaps look over your blogs or social media posts on the chosen subject and extract any content that may be relevant for your workbook. The same applies for existing audios or videos – see what you’ve got already. It may not be exactly what you need, but it will help spark some inspiration.

Google is at your disposal too, should you need to research what’s already out there.

I hope this has been helpful.


And of course, if you need any additional support, I’m a Digital Marketing VA specialising in the Wellbeing, Holistic and Spiritual field. I have a FREE Masterclass that I run called Tips To Build & Grow Your Email List. It covers the what, why & how, popular email topics and 3 lead magnet ideas to promote your freebie, learn more or sign up HERE.

If you’d like any support with creating a lead magnet or if you need some help with the tech side of things, I can help.

I also offer Mindful Coaching calls to give us the hour together to brainstorm ideas, so you can walk away with clear and concise actionable steps.

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