What you need to know about using blogging to share your wellbeing business story

Have you caught yourself thinking “I know i should be blogging for my business” but then draw a blank on how to get started – or more importantly – why to get started? You are not alone! Most wellbeing business owners have never blogged before and struggle when it comes to prioritising blogging for their business, in amongst all the other plates they are spinning. Blogging becomes another thing on the “to do list”, gets pushed to the bottom of said list and ends up feeling like a chore.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Read on to discover why blogging is such a powerful tool for sharing your wellbeing business story, along with some insider tips on getting started.

I’ve been blogging for the best part of a decade now – both for fun and for work – and I’ve made just about every mistake you can make; and I’ve learned a heap from it. I’ve had blog posts that even my own mum didn’t read (yup, every blogger will tell you that their mum was their primary reader for a while, don’t be disheartened). And I’ve had blog posts that sparked some very surprising conversations.

There is a lot to love about blogging but when you’ve had no support in getting started and zero experience of this kind of writing, it can be a painful growth process. Later in this blog I’ll share some tips with you to help you avoid those growing pains. In the meantime, let’s talk about…

Why blogging is such a powerful tool

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1.      Blogging helps you to start conversations with your ideal clients.

Your blog posts can help you to share your passion for your modality and answer your ideal clients’ potential questions. Plus, make your ideal clients see how you are a great fit for them and demonstrate how what you do is genuinely transformative. The best blog posts are written with the intention to be of real value. How can you use your blog space to be of service and help people before they’ve even signed up to your paid offerings?

This means your blog posts need to:

a. Be conversational, using your true tone of voice.


b. Be framed with your ideal client in mind.

For example, if you’re an Indian Head Massage Therapist, with an ideal client who is a busy, working mum in a corporate role. You might write a blog post about how a massage treatment could help her to better cope with the daily stresses of her job. Including having more balance and being a calmer mum at home. You could talk about your own experience of finding calm through your modality and how it improved your relationships. You could share additional wisdom related to your modality. Such as ayurvedic herbs that promote relaxation or a playlist she can listen to on her commute.

2.      Blogging is a great form of self-expression and an amazing creative outlet.

This freedom of creativity is what’s drawn so many people to blogging over the past decade. I know it’s how I got started myself. It’s wonderful to have the option to get creative in your business when so many of the other elements of running a business are far from creative (I’m looking at you, Accounts Spreadsheet) and blogging is a great way to use your voice to help people discover what you have to offer.

A word of caution here: this doesn’t mean that you get to go all “dear diary” with your blog (a common pitfall). Using blogging means that you can creatively answer some of your ideal clients’ biggest questions about how you can help them. Blogging can also really help you to demonstrate your values and communicate your mission in an authentic and heartfelt way.

3.   It helps you get found online

Now, SEO wouldn’t be something most of us would call “sexy”, but it is the key to having our ideal clients find (and eventually book) us online. If you’ve invested in a website, then you want it to work for you, especially whilst you are spinning so many other plates as a business owner. Blogging can help with this as it is a great relationship builder AND search engines LOVE new, relevant content.

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Some insider tips on getting started:

  • Struggling with a blank page? Try talking about your chosen topic instead. Record yourself discussing everything you want to cover and then use a transcribing service like Otter to get yourself beyond that blank page – with the added bonus of having your tone of voice already there.

  • Remember that everyone must start somewhere. Your first blog posts may well fall flat / echo to the sound of tumbleweed (in your head). Practice is key to developing your blogging style and starting conversations.

  • For the love of…

Listen, it isn’t your personal diary. Writing a whole piece about your day and what you did; very unlikely to be helpful or relevant for your ideal client. Yes, absolutely use your personal stuff but weave it in so that you’re using an anecdote as a learning point for your audience (kind of like I did in the first section of this post). Always keep your ideal clients front of mind when you are writing. If this is something you struggle with:

  • Print out your ideal client personas and pin them above your desk so you are looking at and writing to a “real” person each time.
    • Have a journal for all your “dear diary” moments and then you can adapt snippets for posts.
    • Write down all of the questions your clients have ever asked you and all of the questions you think your ideal clients have in mind – answer those.

Blogging is a great way to share your wellbeing business story, even if you’ve never blogged before. It helps you to start conversations with your ideal clients, communicate your values, get creative and get found online. If you found yourself nodding along to the opening of this blog, hopefully now you are much clearer on why to get started with blogging for your business – and how.

Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute advice on which you should rely.  Professional or specialist advice should always be sought before taking any action relating to your business. Read full website terms of use.

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Lea Tierney helps overwhelmed and frustrated heart-led business owners with an aversion to “selling” to attract more of their ideal clients through intentional marketing. Together with her clients, she helps create digital sanctuaries for their ideal clients; writing blogs, websites, newsletters and creating lead magnets that support those people in living their own dream lives. As a creative entrepreneur, holistic therapist and lover of “woo”, Lea’s clients tend to tick those boxes too.

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